CMD ECO 20 will be present at the ECOMONDO 2017 event

CMD Eco20 Pirogassificatore a cippato di legno Produzione energia rinnovabile Pirolisi e Pirogassificazione delle Biomasse Gassificazione Biomassa
CMD Eco 20 welcomes you!
2 November 2017
CMD Eco20 Pirogassificatore a cippato di legno Produzione energia rinnovabile Pirolisi e Pirogassificazione delle Biomasse Gassificazione Biomassa
Big success for Eco 20 at Ecomondo and Keyenergy in Rimini
16 November 2017

CMD ECO20 will be present at the event ECOMONDO 2017, the leading green and circular economy fair in the Euro-Mediterranean area, to be held in Rimini from 7 to 10 November 2017. We will be happy to welcome you in our space to let you know our project Green Energy!

We are waiting for you at Hall B5 / Stand 028!



Italian-Chinese Group CMD S.p.A. – LONCIN COMPANY is going to attend for three years in a row the Key Energy exhibition to introduce new ECO20, the “Green Revolution” all made in Italy. Among pyro-gasification systems, ECO20 represents the smallest unit: its dimensions are: 4mq per 3mt height and could be installed safely everywhere.

CMD ECO 20 takes part in Innovation Award held by ECOMONDO –KEY ENERGY. CMD EC020 is a micro CHP (Combined Heat & Power) system transforming biomass into syngas (synthesis gas). It can produce efficiently electrical energy and heat to be used in production processes, for building heating, self-consumption, thermal equipments or district heating. Energy produced by EC020 can be released into national power grid, taking advantage of existing local tariff schemes. It produces till 20IkW energy and 40kW heat by using 20/26 Kg of different quality of biomass.

Thanks to natural biomass, CMD EC020 can totally replace fossil fuel, following energetic equivalence: a liter of petrol corresponds to less than 3kgof wood chips. Pyro-gasification process produces GREEN ENERGY without polluting, without producing global warming and greenhouse gas. Fuel is renewable!

Taking advantage of natural waste, disposal costs are dramatically reduced and new economies from energy and heat consumptions can be boosted. It’s the first step towards an “independent management” of resources: it allows production and self-consumption of electrical and thermal energy independent of any operator. ECO20 represents a valuable model of “circular economy”: system transforms waste into energy, renewing it without any dissipation. Eco20 respects environment because it makes free from fossil fuel use and reduces C02 emissions in the atmosphere.

CMD company takes care of all procedures, from Business Plan till installation/test. System is flexible, can be customized according clients’ requirements, and can be easily installed on-site. Thanks to plug in system, EC020 doesn’t need to be assembled and logistics is simplified thanks to its reduced space. Starting procedure is easy and immediate thanks to smart control: all you need is to push a button to switch it on. Innovative software system allows to record and check all equipment’s activities by remote control, monitoring performances and providing an instant feedback. After-sales service and technical assistance are directly managed by the company. A technical team of experts ensures operations’ efficiency and timeliness.

EC020 is a technologically advanced equipment with a high Italian design concept, certified and guaranteed according CE standards. It has passed strict efficiency and durability tests. CMD EC020 got EU European Conformity; the equipment is in compliance with quality and safety standards provided in European regulations CE 2017 (8150 air emissions – 8151 gas exhaust emissions). Production process is certified according Integrated Management System Quality – Environment – Safety UNI EN ISO 9001/2017 -IS014001 – ISO 9100:2009 – ISO/TS 16949:2002.

CMD EC020 can benefit of fiscal measures launched by National Industry 4.0 plan (hyperdepreciation,tax credit, financing and grants). Please contact our Sales Dept, for further informations. CMD company got ELITE certification released by Borsa Italiana and EC020 investments can be financed by main italian banks.

CMD EC020 is suitable for companies, institutions, PA with a high power needs involved in Forestry, Wood, industries and managing waste “suitable” for the system. It’s the right choice to power district heating or hospitality (ecolabel hotels, eco-resort and wellness zone).

For further informations:
Waiting for you at KEYENERGY PAD. B5 BOOTH 028