CMD ECO20 is a micro CHP (Combined Heat&Power) system powered with syngas produced by wooden waste biomass pyrogasification. Biomass pyrogasification (or biomass gasification) is a thermochemical treatment of organic waste; through different steps, it turns biomass into combustible gas. Pyrogasification is achieved by an overheating process (from 600 to 1,000° C); it produces an extremely clean gas mix: the syngas.

CMD ECO 20 can produce up to 20 electrical kW and 40 kW of heating power using wooden waste as an unique source of fuel. Main wooden waste used for pyrogasification are: forestry waste, grapevine shoots, pruning, nut shells, coconut shells, hazelnut shells, chestnut shells, almond shells, olive pits, apricot pits, peach pits, tobacco stalks, corn stalks, cane residues.

Environmental issues have led CMD to pursue ‘green’ solutions in energy production systems’ design process. CHP CMD ECO20 has been designed following a clear purpose: use organic waste as PRIMARY fuel. Nowadays, wooden waste disposal is a quite serious problem. Thanks to pyrogasification, it can become a socio-environmental advantage.


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CMD ECO20 will be in ECO MONDO 2017 exhibition

“CMD ECO20 will be in ECO MONDO 2017 exhibition, leading event for green and circular economy, held in Rinimi, from November, the 7th till 10th. We will be glad to meet you in our booth to show you our Green Energy project!”. See you at B5 Pavillion / Stand 028!

The CMD ECO20 biomass microcogenerator

It is a machine for the combined production of electrical and thermal energy by the thermochimic decomposition process or molecular dissociation of organic materials (Biomass) obtained at high temperatures in complete absence or with minimal quantities of oxygen – pirogassification. The biogas and organic material pirogassification is obtained by overheating (600 to 1,000 ° C), […]

CMD is going to attend Expo Astana 2017 from June, the 10th till September, the 10th 2017

CMD ECO20 is in Astana EXPO 2017 at  Pavilion C1.4, eBPa – Energy Best Practices Area – 2nd level – USE OF ENERGY NATURAL RESOURCES AREA. Coming and visit us! CMD is proud to have been selected by an International Commission to be present in Excellence Pavillion with ECO20. Event main topic is Future Energy and leads global attention to be focused on new trends […]

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