CMD Energy and Ambiente Italia Holding srl: an agreement for the “green” energy production

A new scientific paper about ECO20x will be published on Applied Energy
10 July 2020

CMD Energy Dpt. starts a new cooperation.

The company has signed a new agreement with AMBIENTE ITALIA HOLDING srl, a company owened by AMBIENTE ITALIA srl, one of the most important E.S.CO. operating in Italy.

The Agreement aim is to offer an effective tool to all those potential customers who are owners of biomass and who have difficulty in disposing of it, taking into account the increasing disposal costs and the progressive reduction of the accommodation capacity of the plants.

Thanks to ECO20x, biomass will no longer be a useless and expensive problem but a great resource: the customer will have the opportunity to produce electric and thermal energy from wooden waste, safeguarding the environment.

In addition, the energy produced will have a much lower cost than that charged in the bill by other suppliers.


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