INNOVARE Project: an essay introduced by CNR – IM and C.M.D SpA at EUBCE 2018 in Copenaghen to talk about power generation technology.

C.M.D. and new biomass briquetting system
17 May 2018
“La Borsa della Ricerca” event: C.M.D.’s evaluation of new advanced technologies projects
31 May 2018

On May, 14-18 at 26th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition, held in Copenhagen, CNR-IM and CMD S.p.A. work groups, involved in INNOVARE project, have introduced “Numerical analysis of a combined heat and power generation technology from residual biomasses” essay.

The essay, introduced by Mr. Carmine Caputo, showed hot to digitally reproduce through a “model” never applied before the ECO20 operation mode, which can be used for optimizing biomass pyrogasification processes and syngas conversion obtained in a spark ignited internal combustion engine.

Conference has been attended by lots of attendees as one of the biggest events for experts on energy field and for promoting the use of biomass as a best reference for a sustainable development and for reducing climate changes.